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Chaos – Returned!

Winterland, Chaos Capital – Recently recreated Chaos have proved there sizes in CP Warfare although the Chaos have been struggling to stay alive. Chaos have been getting sizes of 6 and 5 but are determined to get 10+

Chaos were recreated August 21st but have been getting bad sizes. Chaos are being led by Crazy,Unknown, Dom and Owl. They are all very experienced. Most of them have been in Chaos before, they have all been Chaos Leaders before which may help them.

In Chaos’s recent events, the latest event being on the 5th of October they have got sizes of . As you can see in the pictures below they have got a size of eight and in the other there is a picture of them getting sizes of 8 whilst doing an a “WE ARE THE CHAOS” chant tactic. Everyone is

doing “WE ARE THE CHAOS” tactic which proves that Chaos is very good at tactics!

In the last picture we you can see that Chaos are getting sizes of 11 and have an almost brilliant EK tactic also know as cakes.

These sizes clearly indicate that Chaos aren’t to be messed with!

(Click the pictures to make larger)

Interview with Chaos Leader, Domz:

Me = Red

Domz = Blue

Hi can I interview you on behalf of Chaos?


So how do you think Chaos are doing so far in the CP army world? 

We’ve had a major fall, but we’re coming back slowly but strongly!
What are Chaos’s main goals?

To achieve CPAC top ten regularly and also to make Chaos a better place for everyone.

Thanks for your time, would you like to say anything else?


As you can see Domz has high expectations for Chaos but what do you think will happen to Chaos? Will Chaos rise or will they

be dead again? Vote below in the poll and comment below

Thanks for reading!




2 Responses

  1. Chaos will be like 10th in cpac if they get lucky. They will be 3rd or 4th in smac

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