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My Farewell From CP Army’s

Hello Fellow Comrades!

The title says it all. I am retiring from CP Warfare because I’m in Year 6 and I spend most my time on xat!

Army’s I’ve been in:

Shadow Warriors: Shadow Warriors were my first army, I was a noob at that time. Cpaul1 recruited me into CP Warfare, I thank him loads

for starting my CP Warfare career. Thank you Severed and King Penguin 1 you helped me understand CP Warfare, I will never forget you. You were the best leaders an army could ever ask for.

Night Warriors: A while after Shadow Warriors died I decided to join, I received a rank of Moderator. I only went to 1 battle, which we won.

SWAT: Domz got me into SWAT, he was a 3ic or 2ic I can’t remember and as soon as he got me on chat I joined for 4ic.

Dark Defenders: Dark Defenders was an army led my Domz he led it brilliant, he gave me 3ic, me and Domz were literally best friends.

Pirates: Pirates were my army after Night Warriors, I started off as a low moderator and then one day I achieved leader then Waterkid merged into Light Troops.

Lizards: Lizards were mine and Domz idea if I’m correct the army’s site and chat always got hacked though so we had no choice but to end it this happen in all 4 generations. I can remember when Lizards got sizes of 15, It was a good feeling knowing that you’ve led an army to 15

Heroes: Heroes were owned by a guy called Sidie and he was in desperate need of a UK Leader so I offered to be it and I got it, I had led about 5 events before they died

Fire Ninjas: Fire Ninjas were led by a guy called Sonic5200 I helped him quite a lot so he gave me 2ic I was thankful. I helped Sonic in wars.

Storm Warriors- I joined Storm Warriors UK division shortly after the UK Leader, Summit left and Bluey appointed me UK Leader, I led SW until it died out.

ACP: I joined ACP in the WAR between LT and ACP I was in LT and then LT was using bots so I joined ACP for major. I had joined ACP many times before working my way up to Major. ACP is my last army.

Buffalos: Buffalos were Dwains creation and I was good friends with him from Lizards and I joined his army and he gave me LIT.

Freezers Of CP: Freezers were mine and Josh’s(My BFF) creation, It got hacked and it died out. I have good memory s of Freezers.

Nachos:  I joined the Nachos because Ace (Ex Pirate Leader) had rebelled against CPPA (When I was mod)  most of the troops followed

Ace into Nachos.

Romans Of Cp: Romans had been recreated and I was mod then I said we needed a UK Leader and asked if I could be the Uk Leader Dj(Romans Leader)

said yes and then it died out.

Green Mercenaries: Green Mercenaries were my creation and I appointed Popcorny5555 as leader, he still leads it now, he has led it brilliant.


Joshua(My Bff):  Joshua, Where do I start? You have helped me when I’ve needed it, I know we’ve argued sometimes but nobody’s perfect. You’ve taught me a few cheats on CP. You’re the best BFF a person could ask for!!! Goodbye Josh.

Ace: Ace, We’ve had our ups and downs you’ve helped me when I’ve needed it. You never give up, you always will be a good leader

and more than anything a brilliant friend. Goodbye Ace.

Ice Member: Well you and Mariam(Spectra) are awesome together, I can’t count how many times you had got detention at school. You also love pranks which I find funny. Goodbye Ice.

Blossom: You always beat me in transformice and always never logged on for CPPA events, You don’t care about CP Warfare, well I guess it’s just a little game which gets very addictive, Thanks for being supportive and an awesome friend. Goodbye Bloss

Mariam: Thanks for entertaining me before school, I was laughing all the way. I swear to god you and Ice are addicted to breaking peoples arms and playing pranks and getting detensions. Its unbelievable. Goodbye Mariam.

Alicia: Thanks for beating me again on transformice, I can never wall jump. Sometimes I can’t actually understand you because you must have made up your own girls language up or something. Goodbye Alicia.

Harry Joe:  Your cool, funny and helpful you helped me with CPTAN. We were quite good. Goodbye Harry Joe.

Izzie: Izzie, its you and random who are vodka buddy’s, It’s funny to watch you to pretend to drink vodka on xat with Random. Thanks for being a good friend. Goodbye Izzie

Random: Its you and Izzie who are drinking  buddies, you get a bit over the top with Izzie, but its all funny. I can remember when you asked me to be your phone, lol. Goodbye Random.

Tanic: Tanic, You’ve been a good friend to me from the start that we met, you always private chat me when were both on and see how im doing, I find it welcoming, thanks for being an awesome friend. Goodbye Tanic.

Cassius: Well Cassius, you’re the leader of ACP, you helped me, Me and you were good friends, I can remember you laughing about the pictures of spying on Light Troops. Goodbye Cassius.

Purpleslime: Slime your funny, I like your name very much. I’ve helped you a few times with Army Of Club Penguin Training Regiment. I was so close to getting ACPTR Teacher, but the mods took the spaces 😦 Goodbye Slime.

Dom: At one point in CP Warfare we were like BFF’s we have led toghether and make a good pair. You’ve been inspiring me, you’re supportive and a great friend to have. Goodbye Dom

Pongo: We’ve had our ups and downs, but you’re a great leader and an awesome friend, thanks for teaching me how to be a good leader, I appreciate you a lot. Goodbye Pongo.

Jayden: You were one of my troops when I was leader in Pirates, you helped a lot and that’s the reason why you got promoted! Goodbye Jayden

Popcorny5555: You were a good friend and a good leader, that’s why I made you leader of Green Mercenaries. Goodbye Popcorny and good luck!!

Maryam: You’re a good friend,supportive and kind, I wish i knew more of you. Goodbye Maryam!!

Cpaul1: Cpaul, you got me into CP Warfare, you taught me loads, You are a brilliant leader and an awesome leader. You led Shadow Warriors to victory loads. Goodbye Cpaul1.

Lime: Lime you’re an awesome friend, You helped me. You did free graphics for me. Goodbye Lime.

Reuben: Reuben, you probably wont see this, because you left CP Warfare, you helped me quite a lot, Your a CPPA Legend.Goodbye Reuben

Stephanie: Steph, your vice president of SMAC now, you let me into SMAC, which I find cool. You’re a awesome friend and you help me correct my posts. Goodbye Stephanie

Electrode: Well, Electrode, we’ve had our ups and downs, I can still remember the time you were gonna give me 2000 xats and 300 days, I’m still waiting. LOL. Goodbye Electrode

Rey Mystedio: Rey, You’ve helped me, been supportive and been a good friend to talk to and to led with. I wish I could see more of you on xat. Goodbye Rey.

Elitabuild: Elita, your an awesome friend, supporting me whenever I need it, Snow Sauce Soldiers wasn’t the best of army’s but we tried so I guess it doesn’t matter. Goodbye Elita.

I salute you on



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