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The last week of October brings a well deserved rise to the army warfare community!

Small/Medium Army Top Ten:

1. Underground Mafias Army

2. Golds

3. Wizards

4. Watex Warriors

5. Smarty Penguin

6. Green Mercenaries

7T. Chaos

7T. Ice Hounds

9. Rock and Rollers

10. Pizza Republic


1. Underground Mafias Army

UMA have recently declared war on the well-known Water Ninjas as Jai (Water Ninjas Leader) has been recruiting on UMA’s Chat. The leaders claim the only reason of this war is to make sure we have the troops 100% loyalty! UMA had got sizes of 6 in one event, but surely are to get more in future events.  They have currently won their first invasion against WN.

2. Golds

Golds are currently in CPAC’s tournament called ” CPAC Champion Cup II” they are in the Quarter Finals so far! The Golds are currently hosting owner applications, there has only been 4 applications, which shows there is not a very big competition, but the contestants with show some rivalry. Golds have recently had an unscheduled training were they maxed 10 and averaged 7!

3. Wizards


Wizards have recently been one of the armies to be in the CPAC Champion Cup II, they pulled a victory through the battle against Redemption Force. They averaged 12 and maxed 15. They aren’t progressing to the next rounds as they lost their previous battles. Golds have had many training’s averaging 10 in most of those events!

4. Watex Warriors

Watex Warriors have had a UK/AFRICA event and have been in the CPAC Champion Cup achieving sizes of 16 and beyond, they have scheduled all kind of different time zone events!

5. CP EMPIRE (Smarty Penguin)


Smarty penguins have changed their name to CP Empire, they currently have no events scheduled, but when there name was Smarty Penguin they averaged 10 and maxed 11 and higher! CP EMPIRE are expected to rise back up like Smarty Penguins.

6. Green Mercenaries

Green Mercenaries have had several unscheduled events this week, maxing 9 at one. I believe that Green Mercenaries are on a steady rise! There has been 1 bad event for GM were the leader Popcorny5555 did a rage post and warned people saying they would get demotions if it carried on happening! The mercenaries are in the Rebel Defender Alliance which is currently in war with Argonauts Empire.

7T. Chaos

Chaos currently have been averaging sizes of 9 and once maxed a nice 12! Chaos leaders are urging their troops to recruit more onto CP as they want to get into CPAC. Chaos have had many events this week, they have also scheduled a practice battle against Lightning Strikers. Chaos plan to demote their un active owners!

7T. Ice Hounds


Ice Hounds have had a good start to their week, averaging 6-7. Ice Hounds have had many fun nights, but have also got many events scheduled including a tactics session, a pool party, game day, a tournament battle and another game day. Ice Hounds are very sporty from my eyes!

9. Rock and Rollers

10. Pizza Republic


Pizza Republic have recently fell in SMAC to 12th place which has made their leader unhappy, they are helping Water Ninjas against UMA. Pizza Republic are in desperate need of active troops, as stated on Pizza Republic’s site.


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