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The Green Mercenaries Revived!

GLACIER, Green Mercenaries Temporary Capital– On March 10th the Green Mercenaries came back to the army community, About a week later I will investigate how the Green Mercenaries have been.

The Green Mercenaries Army came back into our community when Samsungy offered Popcorny5555 a chance to lead the Mercenaries again. He accepted and then the duo appointed Superhero123 and Sam21619 as generals whilst Popcorny and Samsungy are head generals. Also to get started, Wenny3 offered to temporary lead the Mercenaries to help them start off.

Upon re entering the community, Ice Hounds declared war on them apparently wanting more land for their expanding empire. Only one battle was fought and the victors were clearly Ice Hounds. This is probably as it was a US invasion and the Green Mercenaries are mainly are UK army which meant that it was hard for the Mercenaries to defend. Shortly after the defeat for Green Mercenaries, a wannabe leader signed an invalid treaty. This was soon fixed as Samsungy made a treaty with Dominus which ended the war!

There is the result of the treaty!




Green Mercenaries have been flying high in terms of their events and have been maxing 11-12 in its events with okay to good tactics. Currently Green Mercenaries have only had 4 events so far, with their highest amount at an event being 12. The Green Mercenaries hope to improve quite quick and have targets to get into the CPAC Top 10 in the upcoming weeks and are currently 4th in the SMAC Top Ten with a good score of 29.25! In the picture you can see the Mercenaries 12!


I have taken an interview with Samsungy to find out more about their plans towards the future!

CPTAN: What are your aspirations for the future?

Samsungy: Our main aim is to reach CPAC and get sizes of 20+

CPTAN: How will you succeed?

Samsungy: If we are to get our goals we need to work hard and recruit members daily and make sure the army doesn’t become inactive

CPTAN: How long will the army survive for?

Samsungy: Well personally, I think GM will last for as long as the leaders put hard work into the army!

CPTAN: Anything else to say?

Samsungy: Join the Green Mercenaries!!

From this interview it is clear to see that the Green Mercenaries have high goals and want to do well. If the Mercenaries put hard work into the army it should flourish under the guidance of the experienced leadership. All the leaders think they will achieve their goals and they should be confident as they have been achieving good sizes in their first week. In my opinion I think the Green Mercenaries will achieve their goals and will hit CPAC in the upcoming weeks. The leaders with their experience should help them to become a better army.


What do YOU think? Can the Mercenaries improve their sizes? Will the GMA thrive in our upcoming Top Tens? Can GMA survive under their experienced leadership?

Here at CPTAN, we value YOUR opinions!

Samsungy- CPTAN CEO


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