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    Welcome to CP Tactical Army News! We have been a news site since Dec. 21st 2012. Our aim is to provide detailed information of events going on in the CP Army Media. With Samsungw, Harry Joe and Pikachu (Michael Jackson Lover), CPTAN came into being (Samsung's idea) and then soon afterwards we became a good site.

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The Green Mercenaries Revived!

GLACIER, Green Mercenaries Temporary Capital– On March 10th the Green Mercenaries came back to the army community, About a week later I will investigate how the Green Mercenaries have been.

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My Farewell From CP Army’s

Hello Fellow Comrades!

The title says it all. I am retiring from CP Warfare because I’m in Year 6 and I spend most my time on xat!

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Staff Applications

Hello Viewers,

CPTAN will be opening if this fails well we will be lost forever so here are staff applications

Read more for positions and application comment

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