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    Welcome to CP Tactical Army News! We have been a news site since Dec. 21st 2012. Our aim is to provide detailed information of events going on in the CP Army Media. With Samsungw, Harry Joe and Pikachu (Michael Jackson Lover), CPTAN came into being (Samsung's idea) and then soon afterwards we became a good site.

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    Samsungw on Chaos – Returned!
    Popcorny5555 on Chaos – Returned!
    Popcorny5555 on Staff Applications
    |вℓυєу.яя.ѕвα.ιαє| on Staff Applications
    Samsungw on Staff Applications
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Send a Post allows you to write your own posts and have a chance of having it published on CPTAN.

Do you want to write a battle report, a philosophy post, or even a short story for CPTAN, but you’re not on the CPTAN team? Well, here’s the deal:

-Paste your post into the form below

-If we like it, we’ll post it!


-If you’d like to include images in your post, just put in the image link, and we’ll put the images in for you.

-If you want to do bold text or headings or anything, use HTML coding and we’ll understand that it’s supposed to be bold, and we’ll do it for you too

Note: These are not author applications. And if we do not think your post has enough quality, we will not post it. Also, this is not a place to advertise your army, and this is not a place to send us posts from your army site.


News Report (Try to make it 250+ words, with picture links)



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