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    Welcome to CP Tactical Army News! We have been a news site since Dec. 21st 2012. Our aim is to provide detailed information of events going on in the CP Army Media. With Samsungw, Harry Joe and Pikachu (Michael Jackson Lover), CPTAN came into being (Samsung's idea) and then soon afterwards we became a good site.

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    Samsungw on Chaos – Returned!
    Popcorny5555 on Chaos – Returned!
    Popcorny5555 on Staff Applications
    |вℓυєу.яя.ѕвα.ιαє| on Staff Applications
    Samsungw on Staff Applications
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Work Here

Welcome to CPTAN

This is the page where you can apply to work for CPTAN . Your application will be reviewed at our soonest convenience and you will be added to the site as soon as we select you, if your application is deemed satisfactory.

Please fill out the following form to be considered for a position:

What is your name on xat?

 What is the email address associated with your WordPress account?

Please list any prior reporting experience you’ve had.

Please link us to a sample post

What job are you looking for? etc Reporter, Philosopher 

Email your applications to ryancahill1223@gmail.com

*If you have no place to write a post, please write one on pastebin.com and put the link to it in the text box.

CPTAN Heads will email you if you’ve been accepted. You will be sent one emails, which is this site  Good luck.

If you do not receive a site invitation within 2 weeks of your submission, assume that you did not get the position.


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